Jenny’s Spring birthday cake

Jenny is a really good friend and due to holiday and knee operations in the previous few years I had been unable to make her birthday celebrations – therefore this year I definitely had to make up for it and do her an extra special cake! My usual ‘cake style’ is quite classic but thought I would have a go at something a bit more novelty this time.

I thought I would give a shaped cake a go – and what better than the letter J. It was a bit of a challenge to work out from the tins that I had what I need to use to make the J shape, but decided to use a rectangular tin and an 7inch round tin. The rectangular tin was the main body of the J with the end being chopped off to be the ‘T’ of the J, and then a quarter of the round cake was the curve of the J – voila a double layer lemon flavoured J to be stuck together with butter cream.

J cake J cake

My first idea for the decoration was to use green fondant icing covered in small fondant icing, but then decided to mix it up a little and do a few animals with the inspiration from the Cake Show International last year and added some butterflies feeding on the flowers, a few caterpillars, snails and some cute little bunnies burrowing down into the cake – possibly my favourite part of the cake.

sugarpaste rabbit feet Sugarpaste snail Sugarpaste caterpillar

I took the cake to the restaurant and they brought it out after our dinner and Jenny was very surprised and loved it – plus it was pretty tasty too!

J springtime birthday cake

Till next time x

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