It’s bee’n sunny

Red velvet bee cake

Well maybe it hasn’t actually been sunny but inside CBHV HQ I’ve been having some fun making bee’s and sunflowers for a birthday cake order – which certainly put me in a sunny mood. Making the cute little bees it was very hard not to keep a smile on my face as they took shape and I was so pleased with the finished product. They were so easy to make too! Take a look at my ‘How to’ section for a step by step guide on how to make them.

I made four of the cute little bees to put on the birthday cake – I made a red velvet cake using three 18cm tins using this recipe. You may find that when they come out of the oven they have risen and have a domed top – this isn’t great to get the neat effect of the cakes sitting on top of each other so I use a cake leveller (although you could use a large knife too) to make sure each layer is the same height and completely flat. As this cake was not going to be iced down the sides it was more important to ensure that the edges of the cake were nice and even. I usually use some greaseproof paper cut to size but this can leave ‘dents’ in the side of the cake. This time I used cake tin paper cases which left a nice even edge and peeled off super easily.

The traditional icing to go with the red velvet cake is cream cheese – and the white looks amazing next to the red – especially when you can see each of the layers!

I added the sunflower and the bees to the top of the cake – with a little sitting up bee to add to the middle of the sunflower too.Sugarpaste Bee

I was super pleased with the finished cake and most importantly my friend and the birthday boy were really pleased too.

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