Alice in Wonderland tea party

Afternoon tea cakes

I wanted to have a get together with my friends but as usual my friends and I are all really busy and it was proving really hard to find an evening that everyone was able to make.  So I had a think and thought that it would be really nice to have a tea-party one afternoon – and what better than a Alice in Wonderland them!  So my Alice in Wonderland tea party began.  Problem One – no tea pot and tea cups.  After scouring charity shops my mum volunteered her (second)-best set which looked absolutely lovely on the day and she even gave me a brand new cake stand too!I wanted to go traditional so there were home-made scones and jam (unfortunately I didn’t have the time – or the fruit – to home-make the jam!) with clotted cream, cucumber and smoked salmon sandwiches – with the crusts cut off of course and most importantly… lots of cakes.  I decided to make mini cakes so we all had room to have more than one – I made over 60 cakes in total.  I also wanted to have  selection so I made 3 different types – carrot cakes with a cream cheese frosting, lemon with vanilla butter cream and chocolate with chocolate butter cream.  They were delicious and a real success – although no matter how hard we tried 8 of us were never going to finish them all.I (with the help of my lovely housemates) decorated the room in the Alice in Wonderland theme complete with a Cheshire cat looking down at us and playing card bunting. I will definitely have another tea party soon – I just need to think of a theme… 

Alice's tea party

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