Birthday baking

macaroon cakestand

One year older and so I decided to do some baking for my work colleagues to celebrate… and make use of my cake stand!  On the menu was vanilla macaroons with chocolate fudge centre, mini vanilla and lemon curd fairy cakes with chocolate fudge icing and pink sparkles and black bottom cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

The macaroons were a bit of an experiment having only made them once before but I was very pleased with the results – very tasty indeed, and the seemed to taste even nicer a day after they had been filled when they had softened a little.  I think it will take some practice before they resemble Parisian macaroons though!

These mini morsel, bite-sized vanilla and lemon cakes were a good invention too – I piped lemon curd into the centre of each cake as soon as it came out of the oven (using a Bismarck piping nozzle) – super tasty and a lovely surprise when you bite into the middle!  And of course they wouldnt be complete without bright pink glitter sparkles on top.

Black bottom cupcakes – dense chocolate cake and vanilla cheesecake baked together.  Officially my new favourite cupcake – although the recipe did need amending so there is double the cheesecake than usual – it just makes them so much yummier!

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