Mothers Day

Raspberry and white chocolate cupcake

Sunday 3rd April was Mother’s Day and it would have been a shame not to whip something special for my own mum!  Spring is in the air so I thought that something fruity yet deliciously rich would do the job well.

I decided to make something new – raspberry and white chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese icing decorated with crystallised rose petals.  The cakes were super yummy and had a gooey melted chocolate centre.  I have included the recipe in the How to page so you can have a go too.

The rose petals were very easy to do but will perhaps take a little longer to get looking perfect!  It can be done with any petal or fruit but the shape and robustness of a rose petal is ideal.  I peeled the petals off a fresh rose carefully and dipped them in some fresh egg-white.  Dab the petal with kitchen towel to absorb the excess egg white and then dip the covered rose petal into a bowl of caster sugar to thoroughly coat the petal on both sides.  You can then place the petal on some greaseproof paper to dry overnight.

It is important to ensure there isn’t too much egg white on the petal when you dip it into the sugar or the sugar won’t leave a nice crisp white coating.  I wouldn’t try eating the petal but it does make a very pretty decoration.

Crystallised rose petals

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