Sugarpaste daisy cake

My friend Sinead’s birthday was on May 8 and I thought that the cake should show off the lovely spring weather we have been having – and what better way than to use my new PME plunger daisy cutters.  The sharp-eyed will also see the flecks of red in the icing – underneath the cream cheese frosting is a 3 layer red-velvet cake – take a look at the recipe here and have a go yourself.Sugarpaste Daisy

The daisy plunger cutters come in a pack of 3 different sizes and I intermixed the different sizes across the top of the cake and down the sides.  Agood way to make them a little more professional is to use a boning tool and roll across each petal on a foam pad to make a small indentation – this small detail was noticed!  I knew the cake wasn’t going to be around for long and the flowers were not supporting themselves so I used standard sugar-paste rather than flower paste and some ready coloured yellow sugar-paste for the centres.  For the larger daisies I rolled out a ball of sugar-paste and flattened it in my hand for the centre, for the smaller daisies I left it as a ball which gave a nice effect and then glued the yellow centre to the daisy using edible glue.  Make before the cake is iced and then they can just be stuck into the cream cheese frosting.

The cake itself was a yummy and moist red-velvet cake covered in and filled with a cream cheese frosting.  I always use a ‘light’ version of cream cheese, however this is thinner and more watery than a full-fat version so be aware that you will need to use more icing-sugar to get the consistency that you need.  

I decided to do a 3 tier cake to make it a bit more special (it was for a birthday after all) – it came out huge! It is definitely a cake that you need a fork to eat – just as well Sinead had given me these beautiful forks for my birthday last year – and they are the Crazy Daisy range too!  The other problem with three tiers – I didnt have three pans the same size!  My little tip is to use the closest sizes that you can and then cut the larger cakes to the same size as the smaller ones once they have cooled.

Icing Tip:

 To make sure you don’t end up with crumbs on the top layer of icing, do a very thin layer of icing all over the cake and pop in the fridge for up to half an hour – you should then have a firm surface to do the top, thicker layer of icing.  Also make sure you have a nice thick layer in between each tier so you have a nice thick white line when you cut into it – I need to put more in the middle next time.

Red velvet birthday cake

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