Cake International 2012

Another weekend in London and I wanted something inspiring to do so I took myself off to the Cake International show at the Excel in Greenwich. It was a very inspiring place to go with some creative talks for bakers and product suppliers, some cake decoration competitions entries – some of which were absolutely amazing – I never knew it was possible to do some of the things they created out of cake and sugar paste. Then there was of course the trade stands. It was an expensive day. I knew I had a few wedding cakes to make over the coming year so I had my eye for any inspiration and tips for these and there was a lot of inspiration to have.

The ‘in thing’ seemed to be the embossing sheets and rolling pins and I had set my sights on finding some I wanted to buy by the end of the day. The rolling pins were certainly the pricier option so I decided to go for the embossing sheets where you got several designs in one packet giving a bit of variety.

I also got to speak to the ladies at Cake Craft World where I buy all my cake supplies online and Louise herself was there giving some demonstrations – I had been inspired by her newsletter with the daisy and so I had to make the necessary purchases whilst I was there – a ‘grass’ nozzle that can be used to indent the fondant in the centre of a daisy to give it a realistic textured effect.

Take a look at some of the photos from the day (excuse the quality they were only on my iPhone) for some inspiration:

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