Katie and John’s Wedding

Green wedding cake and cupcakes

Wedding cake number two was for my friends Katie and John. Katie is a lucky lady and had lots of people wanting to make her wedding cake so I shared the privilege this time. I was to make some cupcakes and the other girl was to make the centre-piece stacked cakes.

Katie and John were having the wedding reception in a zoo (amazing wedding location) and so the theme was very natural and shades of green were the order of the day. I had been inspired by the Cake International show I attended at the Excel arena and was keen to put into practice the embossing stencils that I had bought so went for cupcakes decorated with fondant icing like these ones.

31 30 29 27

My test run with a pink theme I was really pleased with so it was decided. Katie was a very relaxed bride and was keen for a surprise so I had free rein! To apply the pattern to the fondant I used these sheets and rolled them over the pre-rolled fondant icing and then using a large circular cutter cut out the cupcake tops. The fondant was then sprayed with some edible lustre to give it a special gleam and they were applied to the cupcakes with some vanilla butter cream.

36 35 34 33

The next stage was to add the flowers and butterflies to the top. I wanted to achieve a random look where not all cupcakes had a flower and/or butterfly and there were several different designs. I used a mixture of Beau Paste and sugarflair flower paste ito create the three different designs.

These were then ‘glued’ to the cupcakes with some royal icing (with some spare taken with me to the wedding venue in case of any accidents en route).

Embossed fondant

Again I took the cakes to the wedding venue first thing in the morning and it was such a beautiful venue overlooking the zoo gardens and the staff were so friendly and helpful (a running theme it seems with wedding venues). The centre-piece cake was not there when I arrived so later in the day I got to see them altogether and they complimented each other perfectly and looked wonderful together.



Another beautiful wedding, bride and day. x

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