Bryony and Owen’s Wedding

Back in 2011 I made some red and white heart cupcakes for Bryony and Owen’s engagement party.  and the Queen’s Blenheim PalaceJubilee weekend in 2012 saw them tie the know at Blenheim Palace and guess who made the wedding cake!

Bryony and Owen had decided on a cupcake tower with a top cake for them to cut – that was the easy decision.  The hard decision was colours and flavours to use!  Owen has a penchant for Jaffa cakes but I wasn’t too confident at making some Jaffa cake cupcakes so instead we went with a chocolate orange flavour for one flavour.  I needed to make around 120 cupcakes so we decided to do 3 different flavours and as red velvet is fast becoming my signature flavour we decided on this one too.  The final flavour we decided to do a lemon curd cupcake – a vanilla sponge with some lemon curd piped into the centre when the cupcakes are fresh out of the oven – always a favourite and so delightfully lemony and moist.

wedding cupcakes

For the top cake we decided to go for the classic red velvet covered with white fondant icing and topped with some fresh roses to match Bryony’s bouquet and a matching ribbon to Bryony’s dress – the perfect compliment.

Red Velvet wedding cake

Thankfully the wedding was on the bank holiday Monday so I had the whole weekend to do the baking and decorating but it was a military operation with 24 cupcakes going in the oven at once (the Kenwood was only just big enough for all the mixture!) and two batches of each flavour – and then the three tier top cake as well.  The weather for the Jubilee weekend was dismal, but I had the Royal regatta on the TV for company and didn’t mind staying in the dry doing some baking at all.

After two days of baking all the cakes were baked and decorated and resting safely in their boxes – looking all neat in their rows.  Now I just had to transport them to the wedding in one piece!

120 wedding cupcakes

The morning of the wedding was full of excitement and we got up early to take the cakes to the venue. It was so nice getting an advance preview of the wedding venue and finding the cake stand and the roses for the final display which was to be assembled in the interlude between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast.

The cupcakes were to be displayed in these beautiful cupcake wrappers so it was a challenge to get all the cakes in their wrappers and on the display but the final result was stunning.  So much more impressive and striking than I had ever expected and when Bryony and Owen entered the room they were really delighted with the display.

Wedding cupcake tower

Bryony put together this little menu in a frame which was the finishing touch to the table and it was an amazing day for a lovely couple.

Cupcake menu

wedding couple cutting cake

Wedding cake number one completed successfully. x

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