Chocolate caramel fondant cupcakes

It has been a while since I have done any baking so I thought with a day off, and with grey snowy weather outside I thought it was about time I dusted off my apron and kenwood mixer and baked something tasty.

I thought I would try a recipe that I haven’t made before so after looking through the Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days recipe book (the pink one) decided on two different recipes – the Caramel Cupcakes and the Chocolate Fondant cupcakes. If you don’t have it already I really recommend buying the Hummingbird Bakery cook books as the recipes are really accurate and if you follow the recipe they will always turn out great. There are some really nice inventive ones too if you are fed up with the same old chocolate and vanilla.

Caramel cupcake

Both of which are incredibly simple recipes and the sponge, especially for the caramel cupcakes was so light and spring. The secret ingredient being the tin of caramel. I went to a larger Asda and on the shelf with the condensed milk was what I was looking for – a tine of caramel – no having to stand over a saucepan of condensed milk and sugar waiting for it to get to the right consistency. Just open the tin and you are away – the ultimate cheat and incredibly tasty too. One tin was enough for the cake and the butter icing with about 70:30 proportion making a good 16 cupcakes.

The chocolate fondant cupcake was a simple chocolate cupcake but once baked and cooled you took out the centre and filled it with a rich, sumptuous chocolate ganache. The idea is that you trip the section you took out so that you can put it back on top and there is just some gooey chocolate in the centre. However I got a little distracted whilst filling them and filled with ganache all the way to the top! Oops. So it was more half cake and half chocolate ganache but it certainly didn’t harm the taste! I then had the centres to sandwich together and coat with the leftover ganache as an extra treat.


The recipe uses all dark chocolate in the ganache, however I find that this can be very rich so I substituted about a third of the dark chocolate for milk chocolate and this lessens the rich bitter taste a little.

hummingbird bakery caramel cupcake

Both cakes were topped off with some lovely edible gold stars – they looked especially striking against the chocolate ganache so I will be using them again!IMG_0302

Do you like the plates that in the photo above? A lovely birthday present from my friend Dee! Thanks Dee.

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